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Temporary Wallpaper – Mod Max Glam

Allow me to start off by saying that this is the smallest apartment I have ever lived in and at first, it was a huge challenge in figuring out the layout of this space. Instead of adopting a Scandinavian approach to small space living, I decided to turn this 6 month rental into a luxury hotel residence….. because I needed a calm, spa-like refuge at the end of a looooong day!

This studio was pretty much a box with bland walls and beautiful hardwood floors and since I couldn’t paint the walls, I opted for this gorgeous temporary wallpaper from Tempaper Designs in a sleek and modern Honeycomb Gray. As an Interior Designer, I’m a HUGE fan of wallpaper and I actually prefer it to paint. In my opinion, wallpaper has this magical ability to transform a space by adding color and texture in a way that paint cannot. And so I decided to take the largest wall in my apartment and cover it with this bold, graphic which instantly gave this boring room a brand new life and set the tone for my boutique hotel inspired space.

Temporary wallpaper is basically a giant sticker that you carefully apply to your wall and it comes in a roll that looks exactly like wallpaper. The only difference is that you do not need a specialist to install and 2 people can easily apply it to any wall. The great thing about this product also is that you can apply it to any surface you want to refresh or transform such as furniture, a door or simply frame as art for your walls! This is definitely a great decor option for renters that can’t change their wall colors and it’s actually very easy to remove without damaging your walls.

While I’m counting down the days that I get to move into a brand new, big space…. (exactly 85 days!!!),  I’m trying my best to make this studio feel cozy and comfortable while reflecting my personal style thanks to this stunning temporary wallpaper. 🙂