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Welcome to my home office! This small space is where all the action happens on a daily basis from planning my client’s home renovations to CAD renderings of room designs, to blogging about my favorite topics…… and the occasional “planning to take over the world!”{Haha j/k} No matter what the size of the actual space, my office needs to feel spacious with lots of natural light and must be close to a window with a view. Yup…… I pretty much have a long list of requirements for a comfortable office!

Here are 5 of my top must-haves for a beautiful yet productive office space:

1}  A Large Desk:
I often need lots of table-top space to lay out floorplans, rug, tile and wallpaper samples and small desks just can’t cut it, even if they help make my tiny room feel bigger. I would suggest opting for the largest desk your space can comfortably accommodate. After all, the whole point of an office is being able to actually get work done! For my personal work needs, I require a desk that is at least 60″ W x 30″D and preferably with a bit of storage such as drawers for easy access to stationery and other office supplies. I absolutely love this sleek, modern desk with it’s unique “Z” shaped brushed nickel legs that add a bit of unexpected glamour to this space.

2}  A Comfy, Upholstered Chair:
I don’t know about you but I’ve seen so many home office spaces with beautiful chairs yet they do not look comfortable for hours of sitting. When I’m working, I’m usually seated for hours on end so my chair must be ultra comfy and cozy with proper back support.{Hunching over your keyboard is never a cute look!} I also require a large chair because Sofia {my little Cavapoo} insists on sitting and sleeping next to me while I work. I actually searched high and low for the perfect desk chair and one day I was shopping for a client at HomeGoods when I came across the perfect piece that was meant for my space! It truly was love at first sight and Sofia has been obsessed with it ever since….. as you can clearly see!

3}  Inspiration Board
I know that gallery walls are a huge rage right now and I was definitely tempted to create one over my desk but I have to think practical and as a designer, I NEED to have a large inspiration board to pin samples, images and anything that will inspire my designs while working. My interior designs are often influenced by fashion and beauty from runway hues to the latest lipstick shades. What I love the most about an inspiration board is it serves as a piece of art that is ever changing….. so that I never get tired looking at it!

4}  Organization
I am definitely the type of person that cannot get work done if my space is cluttered or disorganized! In order to be productive, I need my desk to be clean and beautifully organized with decorative storage boxes, magazine holders etc. Stores like Target and HomeGoods are perfect for finding pretty desktop accessories that will keep your clutter at bay so that you can focus on being creative!

5}  Natural Light:
Finally, my work space needs to have lots of bright, natural light and preferably situated next to a large window with a beautiful view. While deep in thought, I often glance out the window, so it’s always nice to have something stunning to look at! If you don’t have a window close by, you can opt for hanging a gorgeous painting or framed photograph above your desk!