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It may be a slight understatement when I say that I’m obsessed with being organized. My mantra in life is “Everything has a space, everything in its place!” I just cannot function when my home is cluttered and I certainly cannot get work done if my desk is unorganized.  But… it’s not just about functionality, it’s also about beauty and Lord knows I sure love pretty things which brings me to these golden glass shadow boxes from West Elm. The moment I  spotted these beauties I knew they were meant for one thing only…. to display my ever growing collection of statement jewelry! I’ve been looking for a chic yet functional way to display my jewelry, making it easier  to choose accessories without having them hidden away in a jewelry box or hung out in the open. These glass boxes make my treasured collection look way more expensive than they are and almost like they’re encased at a Museum.

I’m not quite sure what it is exactly but these boxes make my space feel happier and prettier and it truly is such a luxurious experience to get ready on mornings when I can visibly see my options right in front of me! I chose the 2 largest boxes in West Elm’s collection because….. well let’s face it, I have a lot of jewelry and I did not want it to look cluttered. I wanted to showcase each piece as a work of art. I even displayed my favorite sunglasses in one of the boxes. If you’re looking for a stunning way to showcase your favorite pieces of jewelry or any precious collection, you will not regret investing in these gorgeous glass shadow boxes.