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So Long Summer… – Mod Max Glam

Is it just me or is the year flying by before our eyes? I can’t believe that Summer is already coming to an end however, I am grateful that I do live in California so it never truly feels like summer is forever lost with the change of seasons. To keep those warm, sunny summer vibes going, I’ve put together a delicious edible centerpiece on my dining table filled with all of my FAV fruity LINDOR Truffles such as orange, citrus, coconut and caramel. Every time I walk by this table, I just need to stop and savor a LINDOR Truffle….. which has turned into a dangerous thing because I can’t quite stop at just 1 or 2…..HELP!!!

Nevertheless, this centerpiece is so beautiful and simple to create. I first laid a round tray on my dining table and placed a large martini glass at the center. I then surrounded it with 6 tall wine glasses. I love to display my LINDOR Truffles individually because the packaging is absolutely gorgeous so I placed each flavor in a separate glass. To make this display look like a centerpiece, I cut 6 white flowers and put each in a tiny glass votive filled with water to surround the truffles. You can also add tea light candles….. in this case, I do prefer the battery operated ones instead of real burning candles because the heat will melt the chocolate and who wants to ruin these beauties?

These truffles add such big a punch of beautiful, happy color to my neutral dining room that I think this centerpiece is going to keep those summer feelings going well into the dark days of Fall and Winter.