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I am unequivocally a pillow hoarder and I am not ashamed to admit it! I actually have a huge stash of pillow covers in my linen closet and I’m pretty sure I have every color in the rainbow covered at this point. LOL  As an Interior Designer, it’s my job to shop for decorative pillows for my clients and without fail, every single time I run into HomeGoods for a quick client decor trip, I always come out with pillows for some part of my home! I know it’s a problem I need to address at some point……. but let’s just focus on all the pretty pillows I just found!

Pillows are the easiest and quickest way to transform a space because they can add so much color, texture and dimension to a room. They can even make an old sofa look brand new. I also love switching the pillows around in various rooms to freshen them up. In this family room, I added these beautiful metallic champagne cushions from HomeGoods to this sleek, modern leather sofa. It instantly lightened up the space and brought balance to this harsh black sofa making it feel warm and inviting.