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Updating an older kitchen on a budget is as easy as making a few strategic changes that will completely alter the look and feel of your space. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Paint Cabinets and change the hardware:

Painting your cabinets is an economical option when it comes to changing the look of cupboard doors and shelves. This gives you a chance to add personality to your space with a little color. You can either go bold with fuchsia, cobalt blues, a rich navy or soft with grey or mint cabinets. Whatever the color you choose, do keep in mind that you shouldn’t overwhelm the kitchen with one color. A good idea is to paint either all of the upper cabinets OR the lower cabinets. {never both because it can end up looking quite heavy!} Once you’ve painted your cabinets, change out the hardware {drawer pulls and cupboard door knobs} with beautiful new ones. Think of hardware as jewelry that transforms your look. Opt for clean and modern pieces!

2. Add a new Backsplash:

Changing your existing tile backsplash or adding one is an easy way to change the look of your kitchen dramatically. Since trendy backsplashes tend to become dated easily, I would suggest going with a classic and timeless look such as white subway tiles or penny tiles. This will give you a clean, minimal look that will always be chic and instyle!

If you have very old and dated kitchen cabinets, then this is an idea for you! By simply removing those cabinet doors, open shelves can help to make your kitchen seem bigger and brighter. They also add beautiful visual interest when you stack plates, bowls and stemware. This is a cool option when you want to display your collection of vintage china, vases or anything that will add color and personality to your space.

4. Replace lighting fixture:

Changing the lighting fixture in your kitchen and replacing it with a beautiful, bolder piece will create a new focal point and help to make it look and feel different. Opt for a stunning chandelier or pendant fixture!

A bouquet of fresh flowers is the easiest and cheapest way to bring color and freshness into your kitchen. Flowers have this magical power of being able to brighten up and transform a space…… so go ahead, gather up your favorite blooms and decorate your kitchen!