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You guys, It’s that time of year again – Entertaining Season! And all that’s been on my mind are the parties that need to be hosted and the brand new dishes I’m just dying to try. To officially kick off the holiday season, I wanted to share some tips on setting a simple yet elegant dinner table (just in case you didn’t already know!) We all know how crazy and elaborate tablescapes can get but what really impresses me is a chic, modern table setting that’s fuss-free and effortless.

5 Tips To Setting The Perfect Modern Table:

1. Table Linens– I am a huge fan of black linens! I love the crisp, clean look of white however, it always ends up being splattered with wine or some kind of sauce and I can never get the stains out. Black on the other hand is practically indestructible and there is an absolute zero cringe factor when spills and splatters occur. I can easily throw it in the wash and forget about it …. and this makes me one happy hostess!

2. Dinnerware – I do love me some gorgeous, colorful and decorated plates but I can only use them over the holidays which means I need to find a place to store them throughout the entire year. Instead, I prefer to use classic and elegant dinnerware with a timeless appeal that can be used all year round like these white plates with a simple silver rim. For a formal setting, I always start with a beautiful charger then add the dinner plate topped with the salad plate.

3. Silverware – Like plates, I often prefer to go with simple yet timeless pieces that can be used year round. When placing silverware you want start with the pieces that will be used first then follow with the remaining utensils. For example, on the outer ends, you will place the salad fork and soup spoon followed by the dinner fork and knife.

4. Bread Plate and Butter Knife – One of my favorite things at dinner are those warm, crusty rolls so make sure to have a special place for them with a little spreader for the delicious sweet cream butter!

5. Glassware – For a simple, modern table setting you only need to set a water glass and wine glass. Be sure to place the appropriate glass for the wine you will be serving. FYI: The wine glass is typically placed to the right of the water glass.