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A while back, I had the pleasure of working with a client who wanted to spruce up her closet. She had all these stunning gowns and evening dresses that were begging to be hung like works of art. Looking through my database of chic design ideas, I came across these gorgeous sequin hangers by Pearls & Pastries. Made simply of gold sequin trim and a strong adhesive, these hangers will certainly elevate the look of your closet while creating that glamorous boutique feeling. If you don’t have the time to make these but still want that glam look, head on over to ETSY and pick up these gorgeous sequin hangers.

Or…. if you’re feeling crafty, here’s what you’ll need for this DIY:

Step 1 – Cut off about 4 – 5 ft of sequin trim from the roll.

Step 2 – Starting at the top of the hanger, near the base of the metal hook, apply a tiny dot of glue to the hanger. Wait 5 seconds for it to become tacky then firmly adhere one end of the sequin trim to it.

Step 3 – Next, pulling the trim taut, loop the sequin trim around the right side of the hanger, covering the wooden part and overlapping slightly as you go. *TIP* I like to use a little glue at frequent intervals to help keep the sequin trip firmly attached to the hanger and prevent it from sliding around and slipping.

Image via Nouvelle Daily

Step 4 – When you reach the corner of the hanger, it can get a bit tricky! Simply keep wrapping the sequin trim around and over the edge until completely covered. Cut the end off then glue that tiny piece to the end.

Step 5 – To continue covering the rest of the hanger, add a tiny bit of glue next to the edge where you stopped and adhere the remaining trim and keep looping it around the hanger making sure to pull the trim taut every time.

Step 6 – When you reach the top of the hanger, pierce the metal hook through the elastic and then secure the remaining trim with glue at the back.

This DIY is so easy to make, you can do it even on your lunch break like I did!