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March 21, 2014

I have a mad crush on this ingenious design by Jenny Komenda in Domino Magazine. She used the IKEA PAX closet system to brilliantly create this stunning floor to ceiling closet that looks custom made to fit the room. Comprising of 3 {2 door PAX wardrobes}, this closet system can cleverly store and organize any fashionista’s essentials from hung clothing to shoes to folded tops and sweaters. It even has a vanity hidden away behind mirrored doors to reveal smart storage for jewelry and makeup!

To create this custom closet, she attached the 3 PAX wardrobes together then added crown molding at the top to unify and stabilize the pieces. Next, she added a beautiful and inexpensive seagrass wallpaper to the insides of the wardrobes then painted both the inner and outer closet to match the wall color of the room. This helps the closet to blend in seamlessly with the room and look as though it was a built-in.  Jenny then added the interior storage accessories to the closets such as sliding drawers, clothing rods and shoe rack. To the front doors, she added mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space and of course, every dream closet needs multiple floor length mirrors! For the final touch to this design, she attached beautiful brass handles to the doors.

This stunning creation goes to show that with a reasonable budget, humble materials and ample imagination, you can create a custom chic closet of your own. Kudos Jenny!