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When it comes to summer decor the coffee table is the easiest place to switch things up a bit and I love to infuse lots of crisp color, various textures and visual interest to make this piece of furniture a focal point in the livingroom. For styling the coffee table, I like to start with a beautiful tray. It serves as a catch-all for little trinkets and is perfect for placing drinks down especially for glass tables. Next, I added a sleek black glass box which is specifically for storing the 101 remotes in my home! {I’m just kidding but I do have quite a few remotes and to be honest, they’re not that pretty to look at!} Add a gorgeous scented candle and a couple decorative objects and all of a sudden a simple tray is transformed into a stylish showpiece!

To bring freshness into this space, I love decorating with moss covered balls. They add a unique modern yet organic element to any space and will help to brighten up the coffee table. I also found this beautiful metallic silver faux coral at HomeGoods which makes such a strong summer statement and placed it over one of my favorite coffee table books. Finally, nothing says summer quite like a big bouquet of fresh flowers and this season pink blooms are everywhere so I placed a bunch of roses on the table top. The overall appeal of this table is eye catching with bright pops of color and visually interesting objects which is exactly what I look for when it comes to coffee table style!