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Classic Holiday Decor – Mod Max Glam

This year, I’m celebrating Christmas in my brand new  Cali home and I couldn’t be happier! This new pad is unlike any home I have ever lived in with it’s classic, timeless style and details. I also have this stunning wood burning fireplace {which is a first for me} and I’ve truly been enjoying the warmth of a real fire and holiday music in the playing in background! This year’s decor reflects this new home so I’m keeping everything simple and classic with a silver and gold theme. You just can’t go wrong with this color combo and especially since, I don’t have the time to shop for unique ornaments or put together a trendy tree, this was a sure winner. I’m also slowly furnishing each room bit by bit and as with every new home, the first few months are a bit empty BUT the coziness of Christmas decor is definitely making this space feel like a home!

Happy Holidays everyone!