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A Luxurious Trip to Lindt HQ – Mod Max Glam

Wait a minute…….. is it just me or did October just whiz by in a flash? I can’t believe the month is already coming to an end but what an amazing one it has been! From a hectic work schedule filled with exciting new design projects to the temps finally dipping into Fall territory, the highlight of October however was without a doubt, my magical trip to the Lindt US HQ in New Hampshire. I was beyond stunned and honored when this iconic brand that I grew up with reached out to me earlier this year and invited me to join their 2016 Blogger Council! Of all the countless chocolate brands out there, I have always been a Lindt girl…… a Lindt chocolate truffle girl to be exact so this trip was pretty much a bucket list experience.

Joining me on this year’s Blogger Council are 3 amazingly talented ladies that I felt so honored to meet, get to know and now gain a friendship with; Courtney of Pizzazzerie, Maria of Two Peas & Their Pod and Ashley of Sugar & Cloth. Please take a minute to check out their inspiring blogs…. if you haven’t already! These beauties share effortless tips from entertaining to party planning, scrumptious recipes and brilliant DIYs.

OK! …… so we all gathered in the beautiful coastal town of Portsmouth, NH to immerse ourselves in C H O C O L A T E!!! No seriously, we got to have an depth tour and tasting experience of the entire Lindt brand offerings and let me just tell you….. as you drive up to the factory, the air is filled with the intoxicatingly divine aroma of chocolate! We had an enlightening breakfast with the CEO of Lindt USA followed by an intriguing “Bean to Bar” presentation from their Master Chocolatier!!! The BEST part of day 1 was touring the factory and seeing how the chocolate was made in its various stages. It was quite magical you guys! Have you ever tasted a Lindt chocolate truffle that was freshly made before your eyes? It’s unbelievably goooooood!

One of the biggest take aways for me from this trip was the care, thought, deep passion and love for the craft of chocolate making shared by everyone involved at Lindt. It’s truly a brand you can believe in and be proud to wake up everyday work for. That love and commitment certainly comes across in their 3 popular brands; Excellence, Lindor and Hello.

Excellence is a deep, rich, luxurious chocolate bar that’s made to be savored in small doses, preferably with a glass of wine at the end of a long day or with a luxurious cup of coffee on the weekend.

Lindor is that iconic chocolate truffle which most likely was your very first truffle experience and I especially LOVE to keep a pretty bowl filled with these gems on my coffee table as decor…. and dessert!

HELLO is the newest addition to the Lindt family with fun, festive flavor combos that make you say WOW!

On the very last day of our trip, we were graciously treated to a HUGE shopping spree of the Lindt Store in downtown Boston. I tried my very best to grab all of my favorites……… which pretty much ended up being the entire store! hahaha {seriously!}

And ever since…… I’ve been living happily ever after in chocolate heaven! This once in a lifetime chocolate experience was truly eye opening to me and over the course of the next year, I hope to inspire you with creative ways to not only enjoy Lindt chocolates but also to decorate your home with them……. because life is too short for boring chocolate!